RMYC Competent Crew Course

Assumed Knowledge: None      Minimum age: 18

Based on the RYA Competent Crew syllabus, this course is suitable both for beginners and for sailors with some experience on dinghies who would like to try keelboat racing. 

Instruction will be on keelboats designed for a crew of between two and four, and there will normally be only one trainee on board at a time. The level of training can therefore be tailored to the needs of the individual trainee.

Etchells Disco Volante off Liverpool waterfront

Course Content

The course will begin with a series of three evening classes, covering the basics of crewing in the types of keelboat that we sail at RMYC. This will include preparing the boat for sailing; raising the sails; crew operations needed for control of the jib and mainsail; trimming the sails; tacking and gybing; flying the spinnaker; leaving and picking up a mooring; stowing the sails; leaving the boat in a safe and tidy condition and basic knots. [Please note that our keelboats are designed for sailing as a sport, and thus don’t have engines or other features that are usually found on cruisers. These aspects are therefore not covered on this course.]

Following the evening classes, trainees will become temporary members of RMYC for the season, and will have the opportunity to join the crew in each of the club’s three classes of keelboat: Mylnes, Etchells and Squibs. At least six outings are guaranteed, two in each class; however it’s likely that there will be many more opportunities than that, as skippers are frequently looking for crew. For each trainee, one of the boat owners will be assigned to act as mentor and coach during this period. Outings can be arranged at mutually convenient times, but of course sailing on the Mersey is governed by the tides and the weather.

Course Fees

Members:       Free of Charge (Competent Crew booklet at cost)

Non-members:  £200 (including RYA Competent Crew booklet and temporary RMYC Membership for the season)

New members are, of course, always welcome.

If you are interested in this course, please contact:

Upcoming Course:

  •  Evening Classes at 18:30 on 10 April 2024, 24 April 2024 and 8 May 2024
  •  Multiple opportunities to crew throughout the season