June Sailing Committe Notices

A Successful Lift In

Thank you to all involved with the lift in with 12 boats launched.   Please visit “Photo Gallery” to see a selection of the pictures from the day .

Wrong Silver Salver Date in Handbook

Handbook has Silver Salver as Mon 5 July.  It is now being held as joint RNLI/Silver Salver Mon 21 June. Full Race Programme can be found online.

RNLI Rescue

There was a rescue undertaken by Hoylake hovercraft of a club member who was stranded on the mud following a maintenance visit to his boat. Members advised to perform maintenance only when a safety boat is in attendance on a race day.

Tractor & Rib Training

To ensure the smooth running of racing the Sailing Committee has committed to increase the numbers of members who can use the Club Tractor and the RIB.

RIB and Tractor Driving familiarisation for members is going to be implemented by the Sailing Committee, if anyone would like to support on either front please contact a member of the Sailing Committee.