Join Royal Mersey Yacht Club

The home of yachting and keelboat racing on the Mersey

A warm welcome awaits you at the Royal Mersey Yacht Club. Whether your passion is sailing, racing or just messing about with boats, you’ll find excellent facilities, first class training, expert waterside services and a thriving social programme.  

 Sailing experience, whilst always welcome, is not essential. 

As a member, you’ll be a part of a very active yacht club, and a warm and welcoming home of yachting, sailing and cruising. Our club is multi-generational and some of our older members can be seen racing against or cruising with their own children and grandchildren. For those who don’t yet know anyone in the club, our Member Buddies will help you meet those with similar interests and ensure you are able to get involved in club life as much as you choose. Many of our members play a major role in helping run events and other activities. It is our members that truly make the club such a special and vibrant place.

How to Join

One of the best ways to start the membership application process is with an introductory tour of the club. 

Alternatively, why not join our Competent Crew course, due to begin in March 2022.

If you’re interested in joining, please call 0151 645 3204 or complete the form below.