On Saturday night, we attended a dinner hosted by Royal Anglesey Yacht Club.  It was held to celebrate the end of Covid restrictions (and they are more or less ended now  – even in Wales!) following the frustrating requirement to cancel the Menai Strait Regattas two years running.

The dinner was held in the St George’s Hotel in Llandudno, where were were entertained beforehand by a brilliant harpist who then took up the piano later in the evening.  Finally there was an impromptu singing performance by Arwell, one of the RAYC boatman, which everyone agree was utterly brilliant.

Also in attendance were the Royal Dee Yacht Club, the Royal Welsh Yacht Club, Hoylake Yacht Club, Conway Yacht Club and West Kirby Sailing Club.  All of the Commodores were required to give a one-minute speech.  We are not accustomed to such brevity!