Marine Rescue

Graham Knights arranged a visit to the Marine Rescue unit, based at the Pier Head in Liverpool. Far better, he reasoned, that we go and see them in an organised fashion, than they visit us at the behest of an urgent call. Eleven members had a very interesting, enjoyable and informative day out, which included a tour of their control room and a chance to see some of their rescue equipment and even to have a go with their infra-red night vision camera.
The key message though is that they are our nearest source of help in an emergency and would expect to be on the scene within three minutes. The way to contact them in an emergency is to call the coastguard on Channel 16 or by dialling 999. Calling their landline number is not reliable as it may not be answered quickly. Their “unofficial” advice was in addition to request assistance from “Mersey Fire One”, which is their call sign.