As we look back on our fond memories of the club’s Christmas events and I hope some equally good times at home over the festive season it’s time now to look ahead to the coming sailing season. The sailing programme for 2018 is now almost complete, there are boats to mend and there are moorings to prepare. You may remember that I told you in October of our aspiration to replace Moonraker with a lighter and more manageable committee boat. To that end, it is our intention not to launch Moonraker this year but to put her on the market very soon. Instead, and as we look for a suitable long-term replacement, Huw has drawn up plans for modifications to Gwylan.
This arrangement should provide at least a satisfactory temporary committee boat and indeed will have a number of advantages, being much more manoeuvrable and more suitable for towing, setting race finishes and acting as a ferry or safety boat if required. Huw has already begun work and we look forward to seeing the fruits of his labours as well as to a fine season of sailing. I wish you all a very happy and successful sailing year.