Friday 13th March 2015, from 7pm

£10 per person

A topsail schooner of the RMYC off Gibraltar by Charles GregoryOur last Picture Loan event included dinner before the draw. This time a cheese and wine evening will give more time to view our wonderful treasures, circulate and meet some old and make some new friends. (There will of course be pâté, bread, salad, crackers, etc. – don’t let the fact you may not like cheese put you off coming)

As we probably have more maritime prints, paintings and half models than the average West End gallery, we intend to create New Bond Street in Rock Ferry! We will show as many loan pictures as possible on the walls in place of our usual pictures. This is an opportunity for members to hold Club treasures at their home for a period of one year (assuming that your home insurance policy covers any items on loan – it probably will). The scheme is not only for pictures, of course, and quite a few magnificent half models are also available.

The rules for the Loan Scheme are simple:-

  • All items are numbered. If you would like particular items, make a note of the numbers.
  • Buy as many £10 draw tickets as you wish and if your number is drawn you can choose a picture or half model of your choice, if it is still available.
  • Sign a loan form for each item.

I do hope that new members will also consider coming to this particular social evening and bring their partners. This is a Social Committee event, so do please come and enjoy the evening and support your Club.

Trevor Tansey, Commodore