After two years with too much wind and one year with not enough wind it was a relief this year for most classes to complete a normal course. Unfortunately conditions were not as agreeable as they might have been; visibility was poor and a fine drizzle marred the first half of the racing.

There was however some keen racing. The Etchells for example completed their first lap in a certain order only for the following two laps to be in almost completely reverse order. Congratulations to John Collingwood and his team in Disco Volante for pulling the proverbial rabbit out of a hat and moving from last place to first. Amongst the Mylne fleet there were some changes as well Merle coming from third place to pip John Piggott in Merkby a mere 3 feet at the finishing line. Congratulations to Chris Kay in Meridianfor taking first place. In the squibs Mike Davies in Tar Baby rocketed away from Apollyon at a rate that should have seen Apollyon lapped, but at the finish line the boats were merely feet apart, with Tar Baby still leading.

By contrast the visiting Falcons completed the first lap in the same order as the other two laps, Reece Tomlinson from Fiddler’s Ferry in Tommohawk holding on to his lead all the way.

Amongst the IRC boats from Liverpool Eazi Tigertook Class One line honours on corrected time whilst Di Rich won Class Two.

Our thanks to Janice Stanistreet for her company and assistance on the day

The buffet in the clubhouse afterwards was very welcome and well attended.

Photos from the 2014 Regatta can be found by clicking on the two links below:

Photographs from the regatta

More Photographs



2014 Regatta Results

Mersey Mylne

First Meridian Chris Kay

Second Merle Max Cooke

Third Merk John Piggott

Fourth Mersey UKBSA

Retired Mermaid UKBSA

Retired Merchien Graham Heyes

International Etchells

First Disco Volante John Collingwood

Second Faldetta Paul Flower

Third Ragtime Andrew W-J

Fourth Pointless Ray Huntington

Fifth Invader Simon Shepherd

National Squibs

First Tar Baby Mike Davies

Second Apollyon Alistair Goodwin

Liverpool Bay Falcon

First Tommohawk Reece Tomlinson

Second Aquila John Corkhill

Third Repfoot Ian Scouter

Fourth Merlin J Downes

Fifth Nighthawk Adrian Dodd

Sixth Hawk John Burthem

Seventh Honey Buzzard Richard Corner

IRC Yachts (Class One)

First Eazi Tiger Oliver Oconnolly Kyffin

Second Ulula IV Nick Ogden

Third Bada Bing Andy Napper

IRC Yachts (Class Two)

First Di Rich Josh Pratt & T Hare

Second Impact Simon Molyneux

DNS Rebel Martin Patchitt