Friday Lunch – 28th Feb

The editor can do no better than quote from a happy customer.
“The lunch was attended by a very select group who enjoyed an
interesting talk after a pleasant meal of roast lamb with the usual


Thursday 27th March AGM Meeting starts 18.30

Meal follows the meeting. Meal £18

Friday 4th April Lunch

12.30 for 1.00pm £10

First Aid course

RMYC is holding its own first aid training course at the club on
Saturday 5th April. This is just £50 for members and £60 for non-
members and includes lunch. How’s that for value? (Try Googling
“First Aid course and see how much they normally cost; the club is
passing on the profit). Contact Mike Blaylock.

VHF Radio course

The course is now available in interactive form (internet access reqd.) and will
conclude with a session at the club house.Contact Graeme Griffiths who is
now an RYA approved SRC examiner.
Don’t forget that it is mandatory this year for all boats to carry a working,and
switched-on VHF transmitter.

New Club Ties

Treat yourself (or the man in your life) to a new RMYC woven silk tie; they
are now in stock.

Contact Eleanor Tansey 0151 342 9077.

(For the complete look what about a set of RMYC buttons, six large and six
small at £10 per set?)

The demise of paper charts?

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) in North
America is to discontinue producing paper charts. Starting April 13, the
federal government will no longer print traditional lithographic (paper)
nautical charts, but will continue to provide other forms of nautical charts,
including print on demand charts and versions for electronic charting systems.
Read more.

Marathon Man Ric says…

I’m doing that crazy Marathon again this year. It’s called Excalibur and is
organised by Claire House. ( It’s
available as a walk or run (I might be crazy but I am walking not running!
). And, good news, there is a half marathon. I reckon that opens it up to a
lot more people…. even some of the RMYC members!
And, of course, I’d be happy to accept sponsorship from members, £600 was
raised last year and I’d like to double that this year. To add a bit more
excitement for me I’m actually already in training (something I meant to do
in previous years but didn’t!). So hopefully I’ll beat my previous year’s times
quite substantially ( as I was last both years I’ve done it with times of 11
hours 54 mins and 10 hours 55 mins, there’s plenty of room for improvement!
). Last doesn’t really bother me, to be honest, but the time is right to make a
bit more effort….think it’s an age thing!?

Anyway, if you could do something that’d be appreciated.

Cheers and see you soon.

Race Officers

It’s a happy thought but we’ll be sailing before long. A timely moment toremind Race Officers that having gone to the trouble of organising a successful race they should also transfer the results from a damp paper sheet into the Results Book found in the Bremner Room (assuming the re-decoration is complete of course).

The Racing Rules

A Brief Guide to the Racing Rules 2013-2016 is available for download here.
This is with the permission of Royal Lymington YC and the author, America’s
Cup judge John Doerr. The terms of the agreement mean the document
is only for use by members within the club. Royal Mersey has made a
donation to Lymington RNLI by way of payment and the Hon. Treasurer will
happily accept a donation from you to balance his books.